how we help

65% of Canadian businesses state that access to funding is their biggest hurdle

We provide a platform for entrepreneurs to compete for financing to start or grow their businesses.


Young businesses fail due to two main reasons.

  • They are unable to secure funding or sufficient capital to sustain operations and grow.


  • Entrepreneurs do not have the right business skills and marketing strategy to keep their enterprise afloat.

The Ignite Capital annual competition provides applicants a number of benefits. 

  • Guidance and templates to develop a professional business plan which can be used for other funding opportunities and to help focus on the core business proposition.
  • Workshops outlining the financial process including cash flow, income statements and projected sales.
  • For the finalists, the pitch process helps businesses refine their presentation skills and learn how to sell their business.
  • Winners learn how to manage debt with a reasonable loan.


If you are a new entrepreneur between 18 and 34 years old, and would like to participate in an intensive training course that gives you hands-on training in fundamental business skills, our sister organization Business in the Streets can help.